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Pipe n' Go Plug n' Go Plus is the most complete indirect water heater package available. In addition to the standard features, the Plug n' Go Plus includes a factory installed 007IFC circulator, pre-wired and ready to run. The newly designed digital control is universal, making it compatible with any heating system. This innovative control also includes a unique boiler heat purge cycle that shuts off the burner 4 or 8 degrees prior to setpoint, capturing unused heat for up to 10% fuel savings. The control's efficiency mode incorporates instantaneous technology. This reduces boiler run time during idle periods by 30% compared to other indirect heaters with standard controls.


  • Pre-wired pump and control with quick-connect plug for Energy
  • Manager Plus II
  • Universal wiring harness adapts to any boiler, including modern setback controls
  • Industry-leading heat exchanger design provides low-return temperatures
  • Unique efficiency logic captures wasted boiler heat

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pdf_icon Installation Manual

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Energy Manger Plus
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